Meet Jen!


Jen Monson She / Her

I met some of the most influential, compassionate, and driven humans while serving as a mentor/advisor at University of Utah. These individuals all shared the same lived experience of foster care and were now seeking higher education. I quickly realized the immense barriers that exist for these “new-to-adulthood” students and the lack of support for them on many levels.

I obtained my Master’s in Social Work with an emphasis in global social work at the University of Utah. I currently serve as the Manager of Global Health Education at the Spencer Fox Eccles School of Medicine. I also work as a part-time clinical therapist at Neurobehavioral Center for Growth.

As part of the 1999 Collective, I hope to aid in lessening the barriers and stigmas that exist for foster care alumni. I am certain the talents, experience, and knowledge of our community can provide a more equitable and sustainable life-platform for those who have experienced foster care.  

“No one can be authentically human while he prevents others from being so.” - Paulo Freire, Pedagogy of the Oppressed