Who We Are

The 1999 Collective is a community of foster care alumni and allies. We work to ensure that Utahns who experienced foster care after age 13 are given resources, connected and supported through early adulthood and beyond. We contribute lived expertise to Utah's foster care community.

We aim to maintain an organizational structure where power and decision-making is foremost held by those with lived experience in foster care, but not place the burden of work solely on those with lived experience. We encourage allies and partners to join together to collectively improve the well-being of our foster care alumni community.

What We Do

We connect youth in foster care, foster care alumni, and supporters to resources in Utah.

We can help you access post-secondary education resources through individual consults or group workshops. Housing and mental health resources coming soon!

We provide lived-expertise to non-profits, agencies and community groups to help organizations work more effectively with youth in foster care.

Our events aim to build relationships and networks among the foster care alumni community and supporters in Utah.


For Community Partners! 

For Foster Care Alumni/ Youth! 

Send us a request for support and we will meet with you!

Use this tool to discover the educational funding you are eligible for based on your individual circumstances.