Educational Training Vouchers

Basic Information

Responsible Agency: Department of Workforce Services 

Amount: Up to $5,000 per year

Deadline to Apply: Rolling

Can Spend On: Tuition, housing, books and basic living expenses

How $ is Awarded: The ETV program will pay tuition, fees, and on-campus housing directly to an educational institution. Basic living expenses and off-campus housing will be paid directly to the seller or vendor. A ReliaCard will be issued for the purchase of textbooks. ETV funds can be given for five years, so it is advisable to access them at the start of higher education.

For Whom: 

Not eligible: reunified youth, youth with Catholic Community Services, youth whose cases closed before 16th birthday

To Access

Click "How to Apply" button and follow the steps. 

If you would like support through the application process, contact the 1999 Collective. We can walk with you through the application process and support you in securing documentation.

Want Help? We can meet with you 

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